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Well, new kitten… unexpected. This is going to mess with finances some, as we are still having to deal with Storm’s kitten vet expenses and both Storm and Yina will need to be neutered, with only about two months of each other… if that.
We were not entirely sure how we were going to deal with Storm this upcoming long weekend, as we host a party during that time and with people going in and out, with a kitten determined to be out, was going to be tricky. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. This way if we do lock him in the bedroom, at least he’ll have a source of amusement…I don’t know how amused Yina will be but…

I am still trying to edit the second White Dragon Black novel, ‘Bindings & Spines’, like a mad man. Lots of changes to the first five chapters – took some time and melted my brain a little but, even with cutting out a whole scene that was definitely one of my ‘darlings’, I think this is the better way for the novel to begin. I have just received a number of chapters back from my beta reader – so I can progress from where the rearranged beginning left me.
Also, I’m still working on the edits further in on the novel, which will be sent on their way to my beta reader. I’m trying to get through all the edits to this novel, as fast as I can ,to get the thing to my publisher as early as possible… so we can do more edits. Damn good thing I actually like editing.

Wrote nearly 600 words this morning in the fifth novel, not much , but it helps to write a little, as regularly as I can, to keep the story active in my brain. I appreciate my Muse feeding me these little snippets, I admit I wish she would show me the title for it. But You take what you get.

I am almost finished the pinata for the above mentioned long weekend party. I just have to fill it and paint it. My big concern at this point is that the thing is strong enough to take the weight of the prizes inside. Those little bottles of alcohol weight nothing individually but when you have a lot all together… well I just hope I made the thing strong enough.

Still haven’t dropped my dosage down. Usually by this point in the summer, I’ve come down from my July cycle enough to drop the extra 250 ml – but alas, I feel the red rage still seething too close to the surface and my thoughts are not quite as linear and refined as I could hope. Maybe I should be getting my blood wrok done again to see where the levels are at but I know my doctor is very much worried by the idea of raising my dosage above what it is now.  Can’t blame him really, they pills really are liver killers,

Well, there you have it – my exciting update on my not very exciting life.


 I think my Muse watches too much Dr. Who…


All right, you can’t watch too much of The Doctor but she really does seems to think that time is non-linear… at least when it comes to recording a story.

I was getting my morning writing session in and only managed a couple hundred words before running out of steam. I was reluctant to stop with so few words however and thus sat staring at the screen for a bit. My Muse, sensing my predicament came up to me and said, ‘Here write this – I think we can have some fun with it.’

It did seem like fun. It also fit why the lead up to his had been worded as it had and emphasized certain themes. It was also well after a scene I was just heading towards. Like a full chapter later sort of deal. Once more I had a good idea, that would itself lead to another good scene, and tie into one of the main themes of the story – it just happened to be in the future (from a writers’s chronological order and from a plot stance).

I wrote it. Of course I wrote it. One doesn’t piss of one’s Muse… it’s the cardinal law of writing.I know have two scenes written that that are out of order. But I console myself – at least it’s better than the last novel, ‘Corrupted Souls’ she had me dancing all over that manuscript like I was doing the time warp.

Last night, I was all ready to go to sleep.  I was in bed and relaxed and to call it a day. Then a familiar voice came whispering in my ear. At first I thought this was one of those brief stops to say a few words, that I would have to hen sit up and grabbing pen and paper from my side table, quickly record. I was wrong.

This was a real visit. A sit down with drinks while my Muse shared things with me. I got up, dressed and headed downstairs quickly. One doesn’t want to piss off one’s Muse. A thousand words later I was allowed to return to bed and hour after I had originally went there. I pulled the covers over me feeling good, contented, and satisfied.

She came back.

She whispered a few more words. Words that she had forgotten to tell me, words I should scribble down before falling asleep. I was a bad writer and failed to do so.

When I got up this morning, I was only halfway through my first cup of coffee, when my Muse came back and re-iterated those words — and rare gift hardly ever bestowed on a errant writer as I. I wasn’t going to push my luck twice. I hopped up and quickly added them to the manuscript.

I was half way through the second cup when she said, ‘gulp that down, we have work to do.’ Being in no position to argue. I gulped it down, kissed my wife and scurried into my study. Then I wrote. and every time I thought I was done, suddenly a new paragraph, a new idea, and new exchange of words.

I only ended up writing 1433 – only I say, like that number is currently common practice these days. The great thing about this mornings progress, was the force of the flow and the fact that when it was over, I had direction to take the novel. The words I wrote opened up other scenes and set the stage for avenues to explore. It was like opening a door in a mansion you’re still trying to familiarize yourself with, to find a map of the main floor  painted on the wall.

In short – the last twelve hours have been good ones.

Today was better than yesterday. The words came easier, the flow was smooth and constant, and really, I only stopped writing because my Muse stopped whispering. Without her murmurs in my ear, I’m not a writer, I’m a guy staring at a cursor.

But I nearly doubled my output from yesterday, and got in the minimum words count I’m happy accepting with 1000 words – actually it was 1076, but whose counting.

Interestingly, the last thing my Muse had me write was, in it’s own way, a message to me. It made me realize that there is a part, a ‘thing’, that is important to the unfolding of the the series. It is one of the threads that connects all the books one to the other, if read in chronological order.  I haven’t added this thread to the last novel, Corrupted Souls… and really need to put a small reference to it in the third novel, Nine of Cups.

So I made note of it in my ‘bible’ where I keep all notes and thoughts for each book and the series on a whole. I’m not sure how I’m going to get it in there – but I’m sure it will come to me as I do the edits. That’s what edits are for. I mean, I completely rewrote one of the last chapters in Tomorrow Wendell during the final edit stage so I’m not panicking.

In fact, find out this revelation has stoked my creative coals, making my mind burn brighter. My mind burning hotter often helps melt away the issues that plague it – this cycle will end soon I predict.

So I’m back on the right path and things are looking pretty good

Now I need to get back to editing too.

Yesterday evening I attended the on-line meeting for the author’s of  Xychler’s upcoming paranormal anthology. As this was my second such meeting, and third meeting covering how the editing system and such are laid out (which is actually quite smart and helpful) I admit I was a bit… silly.

I couldn’t help myself, my fingers were typing away, being naughty, before I even knew I should be reigning them in. Luckily, the people at Xchyler are good natured, fun, and allow for the fact that authors are crazy. As long as you do the work, on time, then you can pass notes in class.

I was looking forward to being in this anthology right from the moment I submitted my story. Being a part of the last anthology was not only fun, but it was …impressive. From the team helping to better my writing, to the final result of a collections of great stories – it was a good time.

I know this one will be just as fun and just as impressive a collection. Last night, we all got to give a short intro to what our stories were about – and I’m now really looking forward to the stage where we get to proof each other’s work , so I can read them.

My personal contribution – ‘Charon’s Obol’ – is a White Dragon Black story, which, chronologically, falls shortly after ‘Tomorrow Wendell’.  I hope people like it, as much as they liked ‘The Cost of Custody‘  – the short story from last years Anthology ‘Shades and Shadows’.

It is, I admit, comforting to be back in the process. To once more be inside the machine, working to produce a quality piece. It is a feeling akin to the being home after a good but long vacation.