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Yesterday was a bit of a boondoggle.

I’m in the city on one of my cat-sitting excursions.I came in this Monday, as they sister was leaving that evening, and I am watching her furry babies for a week. Tuesday, however, my wife had to go to a doctors appointment. So it had been arranged that I would feed the cats their breakfast and drive home to watch over the kitten and the sheep, to make sure neither got in trouble while she was away.

The kicker about the situation was that my wife’s appointment was … yup – in the city.

Yesterday also happened to be the day that the day old chicks we had ordered were to come in to the feed store we use. They were supposed to be in for one in the afternoon, so we agreed I would swing by there on my way and grab them.

I arrived at quarter after one. No chicks yet. The truck had broken down about an hour down the road. I shrugged and parked the van out of the way and set in to wait.

My wife didn’t have to leave the house until 3, so I figured we’d be fine. In fact, it wasn’t too much longer that the company told the feed store the truck was back on the road.

So, like I was trying to get out of Casablanca – I waited… and waited… and waited.

No one seemed to know what was taking the truck so long. The feed store staff were none too pleased, and, I confess, I could have been happier.

Finally it was three. My wife left for her appointment, and we both crossed our fingers, and hoped the truck would pull in any second. The kitten is old enough to be left alone… in theory. This was the first real time test.

The only reason I didn’t go crazy, cursing, and cankerous?  A full sized note book and a working pen. Sometimes, being a writer is  real blessing. Sure, the truck didn’t come until after my wife called to say she was on the way back. Sure, I sat from one thirty or so, to four thirty or later. Sure, I got home only five minutes before my wife.

It was all okay to me because… I wrote.

A new short story is well on its way! I got the urge, the whisper in the ear, and I was off! This wasn’t just good for passing the time waiting, because of the spurt of writing yesterday, this morning I was able to open the fifth novel in the white Dragon Black series and get back to work on it, for the first time since my computer crashed and burned.

The sheep behaved, the kitten slept through it all as far as we can tell, and I got writing again. In the end, it almost seems a win… oh, and the chicks are, as always, adorable.

So life is not what I pictured it would be come this June 10th

I had seen myself, sitting outdoors sipping G&T’s on the deck, checking on my plants, and enjoying the outdoors. I envisioned late night writing sessions, where I would unleash a couple thousand words. I foresaw working hard on the projects that could be done, now that the weather had turned human friendly.

What I am doing, is spending my days indoors, watching a kitten slowly grow up, sitting at a computer making sure the world knows about my upcoming novel, and hardly getting 500 words written a day.

Not what I had planned. But a writer once wrote about mice and men and I’ve learned not to fret too much about the direction life takes you.

So I am trying to make the best of things. Tomorrow, assuming it doesn’t actually rain all day I’m going to do some gardening. I will in fact be planting my veggie garden. . . for the third time. The sheep broke in twice before and razed all plant life to the ground. I have sheep proofed the gate (knock on wood) and today, will be buying new plants.

I also hope today to get some more work done on the prizes for my novel release party on Facebook. I want to be  able to put up pictures of the prizes before the 28th, in hopes to draw some extra attention. It may not work but it won’t hurt… right?

The reviews of the novel are not many yet but they are all good. And I’m assured by my beta reader that the second novel is holding up just as well as the first, she’s only eight chapters or so in, but it’s a good sign.

So instead of dwelling on what isn’t – I’m soaking up all the what is, and that’s easier on me. Plus, it is hard to resent the kitten taking time when he’s on my lap sleeping on his back looking intensely cute.

Seems I only post about my mental health when it’s acting up.

Well, I suppose it’s not really on my mind when it is behaving.

Yesterday, I went out and drove to the town where we get feed for the fowl and sheep. I was fine going and while there but by the time I was returning, my brain made it quite clear I had done more than enough for one day.

It’s reaction to my outing – the loss of focus and the flaring of frustration – was enough to cause me to not be able to write. This was significant because I had really been looking forward to writing, as I had just introduced a character to the fourth novel that I have been waiting to add to the world since the first novel.

I did, however, manged to get edits done, so I didn’t feel that bad about the day but I was all too aware that my brain had affected the outcome of how I spent my day.

Today, I woke and immediately knew it was going to be a bad one. Waking essentially angry at nothing, and everything,  is usually a good indicator of a malfunction in the hardware.

I did get writing done this morning, but the focus needed to do so was tiring. Then, frustrating me immensely, I couldn’t get on-line and do all the social network stuff I usually do after my morning writing session.

I pushed myself to edit instead. I did manage to work through a few pages and then stopped. My head would take no more – I had pushed it as far as it would go for the morning.

Luckily, by that time, the internet was feeling co-operative again.

Hate days like this, especially when they come this close to the holiday season – I count on my cycle to be, if not done, at least very low so that I can participate in the expected festivities.

I won’t panic but I do hope this fades back by the 24th.

First off, I don’t know if I shared this or not, but I started using Twitter. Not much mind you – a post a day, or so – but thought some of you might care so here is the link -

So I started this season, way back in March, planting my seeds indoors to get an early start on my food growing. Last year was the first for getting serious about growing food. We started a bit late but got an amazing amount of food from the small garden. We ate well and had many frozen and canned goods to enjoy during the winter. So I planned to do it right this year and start early – get more food – save more money – have more produce.

Yeah – then life intervened.

We had a cold snap, but the heat was turned off (wood burning furnace – pain to get going again – thought the cold wouldn’t last as long as it did – only so much wood left – yadda yadda) So the early planted seedling didn’t sprout because it was too cold. And I got a ‘late start on planting’

This late start was still at least a month before i had planted the year before so I assumed I’d still get a better crop.

Then we had a very wet and (though the humidity didnt make it feel like it) rather a cold summer. Things were not sprouting, and those that did were not growing as they should. My plants are stunted, and fruit is taking forever to mature, and that’s if the blooms dodn’t just fall off, unpollenated because – right, too cold for pollinaters to be out and about.

Then as the garden finally did start to produce, I had my crop be, eaten/destroyed. Rabbits, eating through cuke vines (lost five), some sort of other burrowing thing eating all my swiss chard (and one holy mole pepper plant – hope it burns you bastard), and a sheep (who’s going to the butcher real soon, ate a third of the green bean vine and nearly all of two other cuke plants.

I have gone from – we are going to have a GREAT haul this year – to not having as much food all season as we did in one month last year.

It is discouraging, but I guess that’s the way it goes when you are trying to live off the land. I have learned somethings and next year will approach some things differently. The weather I can’t control so that I will just have to hope is in my favour.

Sometimes even a green thumb isn’t enough.

Well, my week has had its ups and downs all in all I can’t complain.

I got the tremendously good news of being excepted into Xchyler Publishing’s anthology and am now participating with a whole new group of writers and editors on Facebook as well as still enjoying the folks over at Evolved Press. Makes for many comments and posts to read but not only is the networking good, it is, I admit, fun.

I am going to my folks place today to celebrate my sister getting her second Masters degree, which will I’m sure be fun despite the amazing amount of humidity in the air, unfortunately as I was bathing to clean myself up for the shindig, I discovered that the water pump was, once again, not working.

I took this in stride, assuming I will not have the problems I did last time, and fell confident I can have it running again tomorrow after my morning coffee ( which I know I will have because I took the last of the water in the system to fill two pitchers and set them aside for just that purpose).

I lost some portions of both of my grapevines, one to an industrious sheep, and one to a clever duck. but having discovered that two of the ‘sticks’ I ‘planted’ have rooted and are on their way to growing into healthy shade trees, it is a win some lose some scenario

My veggie garden is coming along nicely, a few tomatoes ripening already, and a couple eggplants about to bloom. and although I am not getting down almost any of the things I want to this summer out in the yard, I am enjoying being able to be out in it.

I had my Muse come and whisper a wonderful little short story in my ear which I quickly wrote over the last two days, and it turned out better than I could have hoped.

The truck is still running (knock on wood) but it does sound a bit load as it has no exhaust system right now.

I am not cycling, my mood is as stable as it ever gets, and though I don’t know what will happen in regards to my July cycle (as they have been so weird, and off kilter this year) that is (or should be) still a number of weeks away.

There is you summary of my life at the moment. I could wish some things were different but on the other hand I am glad many things are as they are.