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I have an almost continues flow of words from the title ‘Corrupted Souls’ to the ‘current scene’. One gap remains. One session of writing and I should be able to close the last of the scenes, written out of order, together… to a certain point. There’s still a couple scenes, already written, but they are ahead – they are closing chapters.

Tomorrow, if I can fill in that one remaining spot, then I can proceed in a linear fashion from the last place I stopped, the last scene in sequence, towards the conclusion of the novel.

There are still many words left to write, but I feel they will come relatively easy now. Knowing I’m closing in on the end itself, will encourage me to work at it just that little bit more.

It’s a good tale, but it is time for my brain to be able to leave it alone for a while. I like the novel, I think it’s good, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t time to allow my thoughts to roam a little more freely. I think, in part, that is why the first, and now the second, short story happened. My brain is ready to move away from this particular tale.

Soon enough, I’ll be itching to start number five in the series. I believe my Muse is already gathering those notions together. All the more reason to wrap this one up.

I seem to be a slight bit off kilter, my brain doesn’t seem to be aligned with itself quite perfectly. Time has gone a little wibbly, without the wobbly.

I don’t know if it’s just the day, a spike in my brain causing my medication levels to be a bit off, or that things got out of whack when I awoke from a horrid dream (even for me – who has nothing but bad dreams) and stayed up for a half an hour in the middle of the night, to try and rid the lingering tendrils of it from my mind.

Whatever be the case, the result is a feeling of not quite with it.

I didn’t bother even trying to write yet this morning – this blog post is enough of a linear strain on the brain.

I hope this just drifts away, and I can be productive this afternoon. I want to get somewhere close to 1k written in the fourth White Dragon Black series and stab away at the new short story – oh, yeah… I started another short story yesterday. Sorry should have mentioned.

So lets hope the fog lifts and the hemispheres of my brain re-align. I have words waiting for me.

I got my short story back from my editor and —- she liked it!

When I first took her up on the offer of being my personal editor, I accepted with enthusiasm and trepidation. I knew she would help me, but I also knew she wouldn’t let me get away with anything.

The first short she sent back to me dented my thick skin. But, I worked with her advice. That story bounced back and forth between us until it was decent.

That was quite a while ago now, and I owe her a lot. She has improved my style, voice, plot devices, done her best to teach me grammar, and helped me hone my skills as a writer. I wouldn’t be half the writer I am today if it were not for her – it is that simple – and I know it.

The short I just got back from her had a note attached which made me swell with pride, because she had nothing but good to say about the tale. Oh sure, there will be red marks all through the thing, but that will always be true – there is always room to improve. What counts is that I am improving; that instead of – ‘the bones are good but this needs a lot of work’, I now have, ‘this story was delicious’.

Higher praise, I couldn’t ask for.

So thank you, Sheila, for working so diligently with me over these years and making me an author – not just a writer.

I took a pause in writing the fourth novel, ‘Corrupted Souls’, to write the short story, ‘Charon’s Obol’, to submit to my publishers new paranormal anthology. I hoped, when it was done, the experience would have given me a little distance from the novel and fired up the creativity so I could return to the novel fresh, invigorated, and able to wrap it up.

Not so much.

It seems, I was away from ‘Corrupted Souls’ just long enough to lose the thread.

This is not the first time I’ve been away from a novel and lost the ability to just hop back on. It was, in fact, the third novel, ‘Nine of Cups’ that this happened last to me. That time I was away for a good number of month before attempting to get back to writing it. It was hard, but I got there. This time shouldn’t be as hard but I am debating what to do.

I can troll through it and find all the places that are not connected up – that are missing scenes and see if any of them spark my mind and get me rolling again.


My other option is to just start at the beginning – reading, doing some light editing, and once more immersing myself in the story.

Each option has its pro’s and con’s, so I am waffling right now.

Whatever way I go, I have to start moving now. The longer I wait, the worse it will be.

I know I need to add little constant things through out the sections already written, so maybe I should just do that and start at the beginning. I would like to wrap it up and set it aside to edit fresh later, and get to work on the comments from my editor regarding the second novel ‘Bindings & Spines’, as well though.

Sometimes listening to my Muse can be… well, sometimes thing don’t always work out quite as you might hope.

So I still have one short scene to write in the short story, but I went through it for cohesiveness and gave it an edit, anyway. It is cleaner, and a little shorter now… but still too long to be properly categorized as a ‘short’. I believe the term applicable is ‘Novelette’.

I’m not worried about about. I like the tale and that is what is important to me. If I don’t like a story, it doesn’t matter what length it is, and, I guess, the opposite is true too – it doesn’t matter how long the story as long as I like it.

I should be able to get that last scene done today. If I do, then tomorrow I can start back in on the fourth novel, ‘Corrupted Souls’ again. Hopefully, with fresh vigor and the inspiration to wrap it up quickly.

I’m glad my Muse smacked this, not so little, diversion upside my head.