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Tessa Marie Conley is an eighteen-year-old orphan from Austin who earns a scholarship to study abroad in London, viewing the trip as a chance to embrace change. Together with Bree, her best friend, the trip is everything Tessa hopes for, complete with a short-lived summer romance with a charming Scotsman. But on her last day before the return home, she finds Librorum Taberna, a bookstore with a gargoyle holding the sign out front. Tessa loses track of time and is locked inside after dark where she encounters the gargoyle from the storefront alive. From that point forward, her life would never again be as it was, nor as she thought it was. Now, a human during daylight hours and a gargoyle by night, Tessa is swept into a world of magic and betrayal, friendship and terror in an exciting and terrifying original dark tale of urban fantasy and thrilling mystery.

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Amity Green grew up in the mining town of Victor, Colorado. As a teen, Amity raised horses and developed a love of fauna and flora of the Rocky Mountains. She worked as a raft guide on the Arkansas River in her home town and later worked as a truck driver at the mine in Victor. Amity resides in a Victorian neighborhood in mountainous Manitou Springs. She started writing at the age of 19 and is now a published author of urban fantasy novels and several anthologies with fellow horror and fantasy writers. Her novel SCALES, which was created when she studied in London, wins 5 Star reader reviews. Amity’s current work in process is PHANTOM LIMB ITCH, a companion novel in her gargoyle series about Tessa Marie Conley; the Austin teen who was trapped in a world of dark magic in the United Kingdom.



Well, new kitten… unexpected. This is going to mess with finances some, as we are still having to deal with Storm’s kitten vet expenses and both Storm and Yina will need to be neutered, with only about two months of each other… if that.
We were not entirely sure how we were going to deal with Storm this upcoming long weekend, as we host a party during that time and with people going in and out, with a kitten determined to be out, was going to be tricky. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. This way if we do lock him in the bedroom, at least he’ll have a source of amusement…I don’t know how amused Yina will be but…

I am still trying to edit the second White Dragon Black novel, ‘Bindings & Spines’, like a mad man. Lots of changes to the first five chapters – took some time and melted my brain a little but, even with cutting out a whole scene that was definitely one of my ‘darlings’, I think this is the better way for the novel to begin. I have just received a number of chapters back from my beta reader – so I can progress from where the rearranged beginning left me.
Also, I’m still working on the edits further in on the novel, which will be sent on their way to my beta reader. I’m trying to get through all the edits to this novel, as fast as I can ,to get the thing to my publisher as early as possible… so we can do more edits. Damn good thing I actually like editing.

Wrote nearly 600 words this morning in the fifth novel, not much , but it helps to write a little, as regularly as I can, to keep the story active in my brain. I appreciate my Muse feeding me these little snippets, I admit I wish she would show me the title for it. But You take what you get.

I am almost finished the pinata for the above mentioned long weekend party. I just have to fill it and paint it. My big concern at this point is that the thing is strong enough to take the weight of the prizes inside. Those little bottles of alcohol weight nothing individually but when you have a lot all together… well I just hope I made the thing strong enough.

Still haven’t dropped my dosage down. Usually by this point in the summer, I’ve come down from my July cycle enough to drop the extra 250 ml – but alas, I feel the red rage still seething too close to the surface and my thoughts are not quite as linear and refined as I could hope. Maybe I should be getting my blood wrok done again to see where the levels are at but I know my doctor is very much worried by the idea of raising my dosage above what it is now.  Can’t blame him really, they pills really are liver killers,

Well, there you have it – my exciting update on my not very exciting life.


It is true -Nothing has changed.

I continue to work at editing, ‘Bindings & Spines’, the second novel in the White Dragon Black series. Mind you, these edits have wrought some major changes in the layout/chapters themselves. As I’ve said all along – the story is good… but it needs tightening up. I’m working hard to do that. It  takes guts, determination, and a cold ruthlessness, mixed with a large dollop of creativity to do this sort of hard edits- but sometimes you have no choice.

I try to write at least a couple hundred words everyday in the fifth novel in the series, enough to make sure I stay grounded in the story. Some days it’s more than just those few hundred, somedays I can barely get them out. But I persevere, because I’ve experienced how hard it is to get back into a novel you just let slip for a few months – I don’t want to go through that again.

I might be getting closer to convincing my wife to do reviews on here- maybe twice a week ,on a set day. I think it would be fun for you, my readers, and if it could help out other indie authors, like myself, that would be a good thing too. I try to do what I can by hosting the promotional release posts, and making you aware of new books, but this would be an extra treat I think.

And that’s it. My life may not be exciting, but it’s all mine.


 I think my Muse watches too much Dr. Who…


All right, you can’t watch too much of The Doctor but she really does seems to think that time is non-linear… at least when it comes to recording a story.

I was getting my morning writing session in and only managed a couple hundred words before running out of steam. I was reluctant to stop with so few words however and thus sat staring at the screen for a bit. My Muse, sensing my predicament came up to me and said, ‘Here write this – I think we can have some fun with it.’

It did seem like fun. It also fit why the lead up to his had been worded as it had and emphasized certain themes. It was also well after a scene I was just heading towards. Like a full chapter later sort of deal. Once more I had a good idea, that would itself lead to another good scene, and tie into one of the main themes of the story – it just happened to be in the future (from a writers’s chronological order and from a plot stance).

I wrote it. Of course I wrote it. One doesn’t piss of one’s Muse… it’s the cardinal law of writing.I know have two scenes written that that are out of order. But I console myself – at least it’s better than the last novel, ‘Corrupted Souls’ she had me dancing all over that manuscript like I was doing the time warp.

Well, it seems I was riding some sort of high when I wrote the second novel… so long ago now, and it makes me a little worried about #3.

‘Bindings & Spines” is still a good story, don’t get me wrong, but it is…wordy. A lot of the edits is cutting. My personal editor suggest cuts and I tried to follow as well as I could, while still holding the things I thought I need in there. Now my beta reader suggests cuts and I try to take that advice seriously as well. Tomorrow Wendell wasn’t as much about cuts, but additions to solidify the world and now I’m fighting a totally different dragon. But since both of these two, who I trust and respect, are saying ‘trim it down’, I have little choice but to do so.

There is less metaphor and more description. I think that is part of the problem. TW was rife with metaphor and simile. Instead of ‘felt like a pinate after a boisterous party’, I have four paragraphs of detailed issues. Having identified the problem will, I hope, go a long way to resolving it. This will also bring the word count down, making it much closer to ‘Tomorrow Wendell’ in length.

It’s hard to hear critiques some times. It is also far to easy to tell yourself, ‘but they don’t get it’ — thing is… they do. They especially ‘get it’ when it’s people who have read a lot of your work before

Alas, I’m human. The important thing s tat I have accepted it and, by accepting it, allowed myself to see why thus opening myself to understand the difference from the first to the second novel.

I will never stop learning my craft, that’s part of what makes being a writer such a great job.