Part of the reason I threw myself so deep into the writing pool, was that I had no other creative outlet. My brain wanted to turnover problems and solve them. It wanted to be challenged, and pushed, and made to create. I used to do this by handcrafting stuff in the Society for Creative Anachronism, but when we no longer played- although the urge and skill set remained – their was no purpose or outlet for it. Sure, I could make mundane stuff, and gift it, but the wide range of possibilities that all the different SCA persona’s offered wasn’t there, so the challenge wasn’t there either.

Writing didn’t use my hands but it did use all the same style of mind work. I take an idea, and shape and mould it in my mind. I research the information I need,  twist ‘facts’, and make my own representation of them. Then I take all this and craft it into a story. An object made of words instead of metal or bone. I clean it, sand it, polish it and finally I am done…and ready for the next challenge.

Now that I am back playing in the Society, I have returned to the other creative outlet. I have been absorbed into the other type of creative outpouring. I am getting a rush from research and creating things that are physical.

So now I must learn the balance. I need to adjust the internal scales so that I can find the thrill and satisfaction in both means of releasing my creativity. I don’t want to stop working with words just because I have returned to an old habit that is shiny and ‘new’ only because it was set aside for so long. Nor do I want to shut off the making of things, just incase it overwhelms my ability to write.

I know there is a balance. I know I can find it. Right now I’m doing more in the handcrafting than the word crafting. Part of this is because it’s been so long since I worked my grey matter in that way. Part of it is the ‘new’ of this old craft. Part of it, I know, is also because when I started playing again, I was already in a doldrum when it came to writing.

This doldrum will pass. I foresee a time when I am so swept up in the writing, that physical projects are pushed to the back burner. A time when a small part of my brain panics because I was hoping to get said item done by a certain event date.

I am lucky to have such skill sets and abilities to allow my mind to create in such different ways. I refuse to lose any of them. Actually, I plan in revelling in all of them.

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Author Didi Lawson’s Favorite Things

– Quote

I have actually two quotes that I like:

1. CHOICE by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Choose well; your choice is brief, and

yet endless.

2. CREATIVITY. If one can imagine, he can create. If he can create, he can make

the world a better place.

– TV show

I like documentaries, and especially the ones about foreign countries a history and


– Comic book character

Don’t have any

– Movie

Pride and Prejudice, Ann of Green Gables, Harry Potter, The Proposal, Second-hand


– Book

The Work and the Glory, Hunger Games

– Candy bar

My very favorites are the dark Lindt truffels, but I also like milk chocolate with

whole toasted hazelnuts

– Junk food

BBQ potato chips once in a great while

– Place you visited

Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Denmark,

Holland, Israel, Belgium, USA, Canada, Alaska

– Restaurant

I like GOOD Chinese food, but also like to eat at Olive Garden and try to find some

Mom and Pop places to eat if the food is good.

– Island

Nieblum, Sylt and Amrum (Germany), The Outer Banks, Martha’s Vinyard (don’t

know if this is an island)

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Ah… the SCA life

Posted: May 24, 2015 in SCA
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This morning I woke and came down for my coffee and my wife was looking at a Kijjii add for a very nice pavilion for a very nice price… alas, just a couple hundred over what we can do. Shame, we need period camping gear and this one is delightful. But there it is, the life of a scadian. Some times it is being teased by a wonderful tent at a wonderful price, but not being able to get it. Other times, it is attending a great event, meeting new friends and being challenged to expand your skills, and embrace new skills.

The event yesterday was just such an event – crown tourney. First we have attend in over a decade. We swore fealty to the crown, got accepted into our favourite barony, and I met a woman whose persona is Chinese 10th century, and who really needs a jewellery to work with her to complete the wondrous garb she has.

I am so very glad we are playing again. It’s like coming home and awakening after a long trip. I am also glad to see the positive changes it has brought about in my wife. She is renewed and excited about life… and, I guess, I am as well.

So we may not get this tent – but we can still live the life.

Yesterday, we went to another SCA event. By the time we got on the road and started driving back, it was dark. But that didn’t stop my wife and I, from chattering about new friends we had made, fun ,silly, plots that we were embroiling ourselves in, and the next event. That is what being a scadian is all about. It goes beyond the dressing up, it’s more than the actual words and deeds done during the event, it is the way it tickles your brain, making it smile and laugh and dream up more and different ways to make the next event enjoyable.

I attended an advanced chainmail making class. Do I remember exactly how to make the chain linkages I was shown – no. Do I have samples so I can fumble my way through to relearning – yes. Why? because some other scadian took his time to show myself, and others attending the event, how to do it. There was a fun ‘how to’ class on documentation for arts/science. Since that is what I do, knowing how to document it properly, and present that documentation is important and fun – not that you need to. You can make things without worrying about documenting, and no one will say- boo. Why…because you play they way you play.

We sat around the baronial encampment and it felt like being home. So we decided to do endeavour to actually make it so, which gave us another topic to bounce about between us as we drove home, and will lead to more actual event fun and frivolity. Belonging, and being part of something that is all for you and yet all about being a part of something so much larger than you. That’s being a scadian.

I should have taken a picture of how lovely ,and ‘portrait perfect’ my wife looked with her stunning garb and, if I do say so, spot on jewelry. She looked so ‘right’ that I told a new friend we made, who is planning on going 1500’s Venetian, that is she produced a proper dress, I’d supply some bling. The jewelry just made that much of a difference. It was partly a gesture of friendship, partly to make sure I had challenges ahead of me (yeah- that’s a worry), and partly so I don’t twitch when I see her wearing the right garb but no proper ‘bling’.

A week until crown tourney – so much to do!


When a bounty hunter arrives looking for the Beast armed with silver bullets, Jay faces the proposition

that he could be in the crosshairs as another, deadlier creature rises from the curse of the past.

The Winter Creek HunterCover Art By R.J. Keith

About the author: Where do I begin? Well first I guess it’s only fair to say that CP

Bialois isn’t my real name. It’s a collaboration I made out of the three greatest pets anyone could ever


Displaying CP author pic.jpgMy real name is Ed and I’m just an average person that has found a way to do what he loves.

For as long back as I can remember I loved to pretend. Whether it was with my Transformers, GI Joe, or

He-Man toys I loved to create intricate plots and have them fight it out. As a fan of horror, science

fiction, action, and comedy I dare say my taste in movies are well rounded. Some of my favorites were

Star Wars, Star Trek, martial arts, and anything with Schwarzenegger in them.

I’d write my own stories about the characters I saw in the theaters or TV or I’d just daydream about

what I’d see myself as the hero of course. You can’t have a daydream without beating the bad guys,

getting the girl, etc. It’s just not right to envision yourself as a flunky or sidekick.

As far as books I loved Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, Dracula, and the normal assortment. My early

love was the Star Trek novels, I’d read them or the Hardy Boys relentlessly. For a time I could tell you the

plot of over a hundred books not to mention comics.

I have to come clean and say that I learned to read because of comic books. I was bored, make that

extremely bored when we started to read in school. Reading “the cat fell down” really didn’t interest

me. My dad, who continues to astound me with his insight to this day, figured comics would work. With

that in mind he went to the newstand in town and bought issues of Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Tales

From the Crypt, and Spider-man. He patiently read through them with me until I picked it up. Whether it

was him or the comics I learned to read in about two weeks and for a while few were as good as I was.

For years after that whenever we’d go out he’d always spring for a couple of comic books for me.

While it wasn’t exactly the perfect beginning everything I’ve ever read or have seen has influenced me in

some way and now is the time I’d like to share some of the ideas I’ve had over the years with all of you. I

hope you enjoy my stories, they’re always fun to write and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Find CP Bialois:

Web site