Kingdom City : Revolt

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What is your writing drive? 

My brain is full of story ideas and it hurts when I don’t let them out. Writing isn’t a choice, it’s a compulsion.



Please provide some insight into or a secret or two about your story.

Revolt is not just about the physical fight against what the Representative is trying to do to the population of Kingdom City, it’s also about the internal revolt of the characters against their internal natures. Paul is torn between leading the revolt and forsaking everything to save his family. There are also several characters that are dealing with internal conflicts that aren’t apparent at first. Through a careful reading, I think you’ll be able to figure out who is hiding something.


What was the most surprising part of writing this book?

I was most surprised by how dark it was. I was always fascinated by things that were a little dark and gritty, so I set out to create something edgy. Once I was done and I reread the book, I was taken aback by how dark it had actually become. Reading the first chapter again after not seeing it for several months made me think ‘oh gee, I wrote that?’ I think darkness in art is important to help us see the light and good in life. Though I believe some authors take that too far. RR Martin is a prime example. I feel that artists that write darkness simply because it’s “realistic” miss the point of art.


What are some of your other published works?

Kingdom City: Resurrection (Kingdom City Book 1)

And two short stories. Kissed a Snake in A Dash of Madness anthology, and Fairykin in Moments in Millennia


What’s up next for you?

Kingdom City part3. Working title is Retribution. The original working title was Redemption, but that sounded way too optimistic for Kingdom City.  

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How did you come up with the concept of your story?

In 2004 I had a very vivid dream that, afterward, wouldn’t leave me alone. Said dream basically detailed out one scene

from the story, something so different and captivating for me that it stuck. Now, it must be noted that I was not writing at

that time, nor did I intend to write in any professional capacity. But as this one nugget of an idea would not let me be, I

started to form a story around it – Why were these people doing what they were doing? Who were they?

I think that working in the Preservation Dept of the campus library system had bled into my subconscious and that is

where the magick system that rules The Bookminder developed.

How did you come up with the title?

Haha, well, I had to actually do a bit of research to check my brain on this as, over time, there have been several

incarnations, besides the working title of Wizard’s Librarian. As a (former(?)) librarian, I was really hoping to keep the

working title, as homage to my career and the work that had sparked the initial idea. But then we wanted to go with

something simpler, brighter, and more “fantasy”.

The ‘research’ I allude to above? I just unearthed a Facebook exchange between a librarian friend and I from last March.

In it she says she quite likes the new title and then asks “Who came up with that?”

My answer? “Honestly I don’t remember . . . might have been my editor. We just started throwing things together.” Words

that felt book-binder-y but not quite so literal. Things like “Spellbinder / Spellbound” seemed a bit too on the nose.bookminderfull



Please provide some insight into or a secret or two about your story.

The locations in Bookminder are real. Parentino truly did fall to ruins, while its twin fortification flourished. And while the

town known as Dvigrad in the story did have another name, Moncastello, in keeping with the attitude of the characters in

the story, I dropped the name from their fortification and merely called it Dvigrad. Call it a decision of character politics, if

you will.

The tales of what actually happened to Dvigrad are a little muddled but history has the town mixed up in the middle of the

Venice and Austrian conflict of the sixteenth century. And the town truly was abandoned due to plague—though history

has that date at 1630 and Bookminder has it coming some 50-odd years later.

What was the most surprising part of writing this book?

The more I write (and this is, by far, the most writing I have yet done) the more I have come to realize that stories like to

take on a life of their own. I used to hear that and scoff. But, in penning Bookminder, I found that sometimes an element

would sneak into the narrative and then prove to be a stroke of brilliance in how it either foreshadowed a thing, or simply

played a symbolic role. I kept looking at how things turned out going “but I’m not that smart!” or maybe “I’ve gotta just be

lucky . . .” or “ . . . the story is asserting itself!” So I’m a convert to that philosophy, now.


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Yup – it is the seasonpushtree

The season of pushing to get all the chapters edited.

My editor has decided she must get all the remaining chapters in, ‘Binding & Spines’, the second White Dragon Black novel, edited before Christmas – so she can enjoy the Holiday guilt free. I will help her achieve this because, although I am not the source of her guilt, I like to make my editor happy and her life easier.

Of course, actually enjoying editing helps too. I don’t mind pushing tiny speakers into my ears, starting up my ‘White Dragon Black’ playlist, and delving into the creative process of manipulating words and idea’s, to spin gold from straw.pushstraw

My other projects – the ones for the SCA – can wait. There’s no dead line, there’s nobody waiting for them – technically. The only person feeling guilty if they are not completed by some random time line is me. I can live with the self inflicted pseudo guilt to push out these last few chapters.

So my editor – in her push to finish asked for all of the remaining chapters. We have been going ten at a time. I went and opened the file folders, going chapter by chapter and added them to the email, until… pushin

Until I came to chapter 40 and found the file folder empty.pushempty

This was perplexing.push perplex

It was more perplexing when I found that chapters 41 – 45, the last chapters, were also empty.
I know these chapters were done. I wrote them, I edited them, and I was rather certain I had saved them in these folders where they belonged. Apparently I was wrong about that last part.
Maybe I was wrong about all three and the whole end of the novel is one massive hallucination…. rather hoping that’s not the case.pushhalluc

So this afternoon, I’m going to go looking at all the other multitude of places it might be saved.


I hope I find them quickly.

Because – CUTE!

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2015-12-04 22.33.55

“I’m not fat – I’m short legged’

2015-12-03 23.14.34

“I’m beautiful just the way I am! Hey! – Look into my eyes when I’m talking to you!”

2015-12-11 20.10.51

“See how big I am?  I’m big enough to go outside with the dog now – right? Right?”

2015-12-01 22.22.36

“This obsession with the dog is just embarrassing to all cats”

2015-12-15 10.43.01

“Did someone say DOG! I’m a DOG!”

2014-10-20 15.56.31

“No they said Duck – I’m sure they said duck.”

2015-12-15 10.45.27

“I wish they had said Dog.”

2015-12-15 10.50.32

“I can’t believe she fell for that.”

All the Right Tools

Posted: December 14, 2015 in MIscellaneous

I just did what I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying, even six months ago. I soldered one piece of brass to another that already had pieces soldered to it… pieces that if they became unsoldered, and shifted even a fraction of a millimeter, would have potential to completely ruin the piece of jewelry.

I decided to trust my ability to pull of what I knew was theoretically possible – and I succeeded.2015-12-13 12.59.35

I wouldn’t have been able to do it had I not been using my mini torch. A small butane fueled flame that reaches high temperatures. The flame is small enough to really have could control and the ability to focus it. It is roughly a quarter of the width of a plumbers torch, and that makes a huge difference when working on small jewelry connections.

So it was my trust in my own abilities, a certain willingness to take risk, and proper tools, that allowed me to succeed. The same formula can be applied to other aspects of life.
First off – if you don’t take some risk, you will never get a true level of satisfaction. Now I’m not talking bungie jumping of bridge, or telling off your boss, I’m talking about a certain willingness to put yourself out there, to push a little beyond your comfort zone. You also have to be willing to accept that you could fail. having never done it before that is always a possibility.
Fear of failure is simply stupid. Failure is what we learn from. Would I have been distraught if I had messed up this soldering job? Hell yeah! But I would have been able to analyze where it went wrong. I could have called on those who had done it before and ask for tips. I would know better for the next time I wanted to do it.
I didn’t have to in this case – because I had the tools and trusted my skill.

I trusted in my ability – if you do nothing but doubt yourself, or tell yourself you can’t … you never will. This isn’t ‘new age bull crap’ this is logic. If you tell yourself you cannot do something then you will simply never truly try. Even if forced to try you never give it your full effort – because you’ve already convinced yourself you can’t. There are, of course, limits to this…

 No – You Can NOT Fly. On that one, you Are Right!toolsjump

Proper tools – well now that is very important. Be it a small flame mini torch, a proper understanding of grammar, or a calculator – you needs to have the right tools to accomplish whatever job you are taking on. Sometimes it is as simple as saving up a few dollars and going and buying the tool – or book to study. Sometimes it is taking a loan and finishing up the last of your degree. Whatever the tools you need – You need them. Find a way. The best way YOU can to get them, and do what you want in life.toolschalk

And remember – there is more than one way to do anything. If you can’t see the answer from where your standing, perhaps you need to step to the side and look again.