It’s Like Fishing But Without That Fishy Smell

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Book Release, MIscellaneous, Publishing
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I’m plugging away trying to get reviewers for the novel. What even cooler is that a friend of mine is doing it for me too. Actually, she’s kicking my ass at it in terms of positive feed back.

This doesn’t mean I’m swamped with offers but I have some offers. Some, to me, right now, is a sweet word.

I have managed to get a couple more chapters edited in the second novel ‘Bindings * Spines’… which reminds me, I should really send a couple chapters of the second novel to my beta readers.  I have also worked some on a short story.

The problem with falling into my usual habit of writing before social media right now, is this –  usually I get up, stumble down stairs, pour coffee, and drop on the couch beside my wife. I exchange occasional grunts of pseudo language while the caffeine diffuses through my system. Eventually enough of the good stuff makes it to my brain to kickstart the neurones into firing again, and after another cup, I’m running on at least six of eight cylinders.

That’s when I get up and go to the computer and start writing.

Here, cat-sitting, I get up, stumble into van, drive four blocks, stumble in house, deal with cats, get coffee going, eventually get coffee in mug,  flop in front of computer and…well, I’m simply useless. The discombobulation of it all stays with me through out the day, despite the caffeine ingested.

A few more days and I’m home – then I’ll have to come up with a a whole new excuse for not getting work done.

Any way this was about reviews – really it was. Don’t argue it’s my blog!

so getting reviewers is like trying t o fish. You find out what fish are in the water, then you decide what fish to go after. Then you have to look through all the information about what is the favourite place for the fish to reside, what food does it like best, etc etc.
Once you have that information you put the brightest lure on your line and cast out.

You might get a few tugs, but you have to hold fast until some one really grabs hold then you can real them in, thrashing and fighting and…

Okay the analogy might have broken down at this point. That’s probably good, because if I got to gutting and filleting, I’d probably never get another review again.

Any way, it can be boring, tedious and ridiculous , but if you hook one, the whole day becomes worth it. So thanks to all reviewers – not just the ones getting back to me – but all of you for what you do for us Indie’s!

Your thoughts?

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