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Got the piece for the Mental Wellness submission up to 2,000 words (adding a little over 600 this time) and I think it is done. I’ll get a read through on it and see if that is true after feedback.
From there, I went straight into the CWP and did the scene I knew was coming up in ‘Bindings & Spines’ which added another 800 words or is so. By the afternoon I had written a total of 1,500 words.
I was sure what the next scene would be after what I wrote but I had a number of hours before I would go back to it and hoped my Muse would share that information by that time.
1,880 – that was the total word count yesterday. I just wasn’t in the mind set last night to write — I even knew the scene that was coming up.
It’s a shame I wasn’t in the mind set to write as I was also apparently not in the mind set to sleep and a couple thousands words from that time would have made it worth while.
Today I’ll write the next scene – one where my protagonist gets to go to the part of the city that is forgotten and feared, an area called, Blacklight.

I have a FB Page where I have been posting my daily writing information and have decided to post that same information here as well. So everyday I will post the word count I did the day before,thoughts and comments on the plot progression and any news I have on the writing front generally.This will be an almost daily thing as I am trying valiantly to do some writing each and every day.

So this means when I have other things to comment on, besides my writing, I will either incorporate both into one post or, more likely, post twice.I hope this will help encourage me to keep this site updated, not just with the information on my daily writing progress but all other aspects of my life that may interest as well.

And now – your update.

This evening I went back to work on the novel ‘Bindings and Spines’. Got a good eight pages done and the following scene is even set up.
I’m having my character visit and old frenemy that seems to creep her way into many of his adventures. I had no intention of introducing her in this book but alas, what do I know – I just write the words.
Total word count between the mental health piece and the novel stands at 1,720 for the day.

I know it has been some time now that I have posted on this blog of mine – I do beg your forgivness. The reseaon is simple – I just haven’t been on-line.

I have been enjoying the warm weather and working to get a new vegitable garden site ready. I have been spending my days talking with my wife and our new house mate. I have been – in a word – absent (from this world anyway).

How have I been doing? How’s the old gray matter holding up? And how’s the writing going?

Well, good questions all – I am happy to say my mood has remained mostly level and pleasant. I have even been laughing a bit more then normal …thanks to the house mate and her fiance.  But I admit I still have done no real work. My writing is a bit lagging but it usually does once summer comes knocking.

I suppose that last comment is a bit of a lie, since just the night before last I edited a few pages on the Paranormal P.I. novel ‘Tomorrow Wendell’ (the first short story I wrote about that character can be found here) and am really enjoying the path it is now traveling thanks to my wonderful editor’s insight.

Last night I wrote and submitted an article/ story for a mental health book through the same people responsible for the other collection I was in; Mental Wellness: Real Stories from Survivors. That piece was only a little over seven hundred words though, so not much of an effort, and the topic was rather close to my heart so it came forth easily enough.

I will endevour to keep ontop of this – I don’t want it to go to the wayside and I enjoy sharing with you all. I appreciate the support you have given me and the comments you have shared since I have started this blog.

I would also like to post an official thanks to Samantha for her efforts to help me out, above and beyond.

Well, I have a wedding to go to—- yeah, that’s a whole post unto itself, maybe more than one.

Alright, so I get to have a contest (actually I have more then one and – if you can find them all – you can enter them all) for a free book because I have a piece in it!

If you read the post just below this one, you will know just about all you need to about the book.

Yes, I am giving away one copy of Mental Wellness: Real Stories from Survivors and all you have to do to be eligible is comment on this post and tell me your own story regarding mental health. It can be about you, or a family member, a friend or even a third hand tale about the person who used to live above you in the apartment. Please don’t use a name if it’s not you and PLEASE – be respectful. I WILL delete offensive posts and you will Not be eligible to win.

So that’s all you have to do to enter – if you are not a signed up member of Word Press – well why not!!  It doesn’t cost you anything and you can be a part of, and comment on, many wonderful blogs.

Even if you have decided to purchase a copy (and if you have I commend you) enter to win – you probably know someone who would appreciate the book, even if it’s just your family doctors office.

The winner will be chosen randomly during the first week of February (2012) and announced on this blog.

Now go tell everyone about this contest and PLEASE feel free to link to this and re-post. I want so many entries that my eyes demand a vacation a raise and a spa day at Visine Land.

When I was being diagnosed to find out just what was wrong with the old grey matter, I was asked to write out what it was like, or what was going on, in my head to help them get a better grasp of my problems.

Well, they didn’t realise what they were getting themselves into. When I sat down at the keyboard, what came out of said grey matter was not; i feel angry, or i get confused, or even, sometimes i have trouble relating to others.  What they got was a descriptive account of a scene taking place inside my head. The psychiatrist was so impressed with the piece she asked if she could show it to others as a way to help them understand the workings of a messed up mind (my words not hers). I agreed and then the thing sat on my hard drive for years.

A few months ago there was a call for stories submissions for an anthology about surviving with mental illness. I remembered the piece I had wrote and thought maybe it might fit what they were looking for, so I submitted to them.

There wasn’t any monetary gain to be had should I be accepted but there was the chance I could help someone out with my words. If just one person reads what I wrote and understands they are not alone, then there is no richer payment. If someone can gain from my writing, the ability to understand a loved one better, then what better reward can there be? I felt I owed it to all those who have helped me in surviving, to pass on what I could, to make life easier to live for others.

Well, now that piece is available, along with others people’s accounts of surviving, in the anthology available from Amazon titled :

Mental Wellness: Real Stories from Survivors

Click on the title to go over and have a look at it for yourself. If you pick up a copy, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts.

The publisher, ‘Hidden Thoughts Press’ will be donating some proceeds of the book to the Family Service league’s adult home project.

Family Service League is a Non-Profit agency and they are donating to one of their 23 programs, the long-term care Ombudsman program’s adult home project. This project, lead by a member council of residents who still reside in these homes, is for residents with mental illness living in NYS Dept of Health Adult Homes.

Hidden Thoughts Press’s mission is to continue to educate, empower, and advocate for these residents. Proceeds will be used to further this goal through workshops, conferences, trips to Albany to educate our constituents, and so much more.