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There has been silence from me on this blog of mine.

I have been busy trying to keep up on the wood needed to heat the house and too exhausted afterwards to do anything but slump onto the couch. That has been my life, really, for almost two weeks. This is getting harder as the snow plies high, and the temperature drops into dangerously cold levels

The only deviation in this is that I have rejoined the SCA (society for creative anachronism)  and thus there is, in my breast, the desire to begin creating work of art in jewellery form. But – time ….



I haven’t – much to my chagrin and pain – written in over two weeks. This seems like some sort of cheat as my anthology comes out in less than a month. On March, Friday the 13th, a new book with my name on it is birthed into the world. As it is a collection of all my short stories, this is a brand new sort of anxiety I face.
To top off my current life struggle (ignoring that it is my usual bipolar cycle time) I managed to break the tip of my right ring finger. It’s amazing how often that part of the body comes in contact with — with, well, everything!

So in pain, distress, and anoyance I move forward dreaming of a day were the tempurature stays above the freezing mark

For the last few years my writing life has been firmly planted in the world of Jonathan Alvey. A reality close to this one, but with addition of magic and monsters that a portion of the population knows about. This world is where my brain exists. From novels to short stories, if I’m writing–or even just contemplating possibilities–it is in Alvey world.

This wasn’t always true. Years ago my brain was firmly set in another world. Still urban fantasy, but more along the lines of Charles de Lint than … well, I’ve been told Jim Butcher. I wrote two and a half novels and a number of short stories in this other world. I loved that world, it was fun in it’s own right.

And while I was still dancing with the fairies of that world, a darker, weirder, place got birthed in my brain. A world of the dead, of ash and bone, and – yes – magic. I started a novel based in this world, and had whispers of short stories floating in my mind.

All of this got put aside once I finished that first short story with Jonathan Alvey. With the birth of the White Dragon Black world, all others were laid to a long rest–until recently.

Just over the last couple months, that darker world has stirred. The land of the dead is calling to me and I’m not sure what to do.

Not including ‘Redemption’s Child’, which I have just begun, I still have five more novels set in the WDB to write. I assume there will also be the two, or three, short stories per year as well. I don’t want to leave this world. There is in me a fear that if I step away, I will somehow lose this strong connection, this deep understanding of Alvey, and my ability to channel his world.

And yet…

And yet, I have a strong urge to write a short story set in the that other darker land. I want to feel the ash on the wind and my fingers along the bones.

Do I risk living in one world to taste another again? Do I find out just how good a writer I am? Do I walk that side alley or keep on this wide street? Do I challenge my brain or remain content in my accomplishments.

I honestly don’t know. My Muse may be the final arbitrator in this internal struggle. Maybe, in the end, I won’t have a choice.

title bar bbb

 Check out the news about the release date over at my Beta-readers Official WDB blog

So I just got a report from WordPress (and made it public) about my usage in 2014. The reason I made it public was for one thing – the map. It shows all the views per country and that was really an odd feeling. I didn’t expect views from Russia, Norway, Thailand, and many others. India coming in with as many as it did, I think I know who to thank for.


I’m very nearly done writing ‘Backstabbers and Believers’, if I can continuTW3e to write at the pace I have been for the past few days – it will only take a couple more to finish the fifth novel. Of course, no rest for the wicked, number six will be started the very next day and maybe a short story snuck in there as well.

The anthology, ‘Blondes, Books, & Bourbon’ has been sent to layout and I’m excited about seeing and ARC soon. I’m also hoping that those who want, and get a copy, to review, find it lives up to the great feedback that ‘Tomorrow Wendell’ got.

If you are in need of a Jonathan Alvey fix, and have yet to pick up Xchyler’s paranormal anthology ‘Legends & Lore’, I recommend you do. Not only is my White Dragon Black story in it, there are many other tales worth reading. As always, if you have read a book – mine or any one else’s – leaving a review is a wonderful way to thank an author. Leave it on the purchase site, Goodreads, FB, your own blog, everywhere and anywhere – just help them know they’re work is appreciated.bigcoverLL

So after yesterday’s post, I thought I’d better update and share today’s happenings so far – for balance.

The truck did, eventually start. First tried starting it at a little past 1 pm and finally turned the engine over at around 6:30 pm. I then drove along the verge of the field next door to toss all the wood in the back of the truck over the fence by the furnace. I managed to empty the bed and was pulling away and a branch from a dead shrub at the fence row was snagged on my mirror – it thwaped loose …

only to spring back and shatter the driver’s side mirror.
I got out and collected up the few pieces on the grass and then pulled the rest out of the frame. Unsure I had got all of the pieces however, I cut hard to the right and into the field to avoid running over any…

and got stuck in the mud.
Put after putting the truck in over-drive and some careful rocking, I managed to make a turn across the field back onto the verge and back into my drive way.

The truck was good the entire rest of the trip, into the city, even though we made three separate stops each for over an hour.

This afternoon, my wife had an appointment in town. Truck started as per usual and – so far- has gotten her to all the errands she was running.

I got a good writing session in this morning, with over 1600 word in the fifth novel ‘Backstabbers & Believers’. Finished up a section, connecting it to some previously written scenes. I can move forward now and an maybe even start allowing thought of the sixth novel to bubble. Okay – better not push it.

I also got the edited forward back from my editor, and after making one tiny change returned it. I think ARCs are coming soon (Advance Reader Copies).

Also, I got an email from a reviewer turned fan (in India) – I had mailed her a single page, cut to fit inside ‘Tomorrow Wendell’ and signed by me. She has received it and was grateful – that put a smile on my face.

So all in all things have worked out not too bad. Of course, this is me, and my life so I will admit it — I’m really half expecting the other show to drop. I hope it waits for a couple months (but no where near the Ad Astra Convention)